A warm welcome for visitors to Berlin

Service is the icing on the cake. The boulevard is happy to offer a warm welcome to visitors from all corners of the globe.

City guides are here to help you with any questions about the area. The Boulevard der Visionen (Boulevard of Visions) city walking tours will take you on a journey to past eras or future fantasies. Enjoy discounts and free travel on public transport with the “Berlin WelcomeCard”. Get access to attractions and sightseeing highlights at a cheaper rate. Travel on buses and trains is included. What’s more, you can now connect to BLVD Ku’damm WiFi and get online for free.


Berlin is diverse & urban, loud & quiet, a place for visions, art & culture.

Berlin is not either or, but rather both. The BLVD KU’DAMM, as an internationally known experience district, combines all of this and invites you to stay. We want to celebrate the diversity of Berlin and have created a place in City West where this is possible. In order to offer a stage for temporary street art, we set up our Urban Stage on Breitscheidplatz.

Celebrate the opening of the Urban Stage with us together with Radio ENERGY on October 6th with an after-work DJ session. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Berlin beats will await you under the starry sky.

Are you a musician, juggler, dancer or have other cultural talents? Then don’t hesitate to use our Urban Stage for your performance. Use this public stage and delight the guests around Ku’damm and Tauentzien with your talent. If you are planning a bigger performance that requires the appropriate equipment, please contact info@blvd-kudamm.de. Together with you we want to revive the City West and lead it into the future of street art with all its facets. Share your posts on social media with the #urbanstageberlin and tag @blvd_kudamm.

On a side note: please refrain from a graphic realization on our Urban Stage.

Your BLVD KU’DAMM team




Just ask the “city guides”!

How do I get to Hardenbergstraße?” asked a lady clearly in a hurry. She saw the city guides just as they were passing the Europa-Center and asked them for help. It quickly became clear that the lady was going the wrong way. You can easily tell who the city guides are from the ‘I’ for ‘information’ on their clothing. They have been ensuring a warm welcome on the Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzienstraße since 2019 and are the point of contact for locals and visitors from all over the world.

Kadir Askar and Philipp Knuth are dedicated city guides who work together as a team of two. Both of them have always enjoyed helping people and find “the job truly exciting and varied”. They get the chance to interact with people from a diverse range of cultures and nationalities and are more than happy to assist them. So far, Kadir Askar says, he has never regretted giving up his job as an insurance agent to work as a service ambassador.

Visitors typically ask how to get to the KaDeWe department store or to the Gedächtniskirche. People also often ask how to find their hotels and, of course, the Bahnhof Zoo station. Visitors may also ask for restaurant recommendations, such as where to find the best Indian or Thai food. “We don’t have to think about that for very long. There is a large and varied choice of restaurants”, say the city guides, who are also multilingual. As well as German and English, they also speak Turkish.

Knuth and Askar immediately report any health and safety risks, such as damaged paving slabs, to the relevant authorities. However, they also get stuck in: per shift (core working hours are from 11.00 to 19.00 daily), there are often more than 50 e-scooters that have to be stood back up on the pavement after they have toppled over. This is a precautionary measure to prevent pedestrians from tripping over them. The city guides ask scooter users again and again not to block the pavement when parking their scooters.

Thanks to daily contact with passers-by and traders, the guides get to know what visitors want for the Ku’damm and Tauentzien, what they like and what needs to be improved.

Service ambassadors on the boulevard:
the city guides

You can tell exactly who the city guides are by what they are wearing. The teams of two are on duty everyday: on Tuesdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 19.00 and on all other days from 7.00 to 21.00. Their responsibilities, performed on their rounds between Wittenbergplatz and Uhlandstraße (Business Improvement District, BID), are varied:

They are the point of contact for all locals, professionals and visitors, whether it’s answering questions about the nearest metro station or enquiries related to visiting the BLVD Ku’damm area.

They can help with information about opening times, deals from stores and details about cultural institution programmes. When looking for a parking spot, they can also assist in finding the nearest car park.

They maintain regular contact with the police, the public order office and the city cleaning department.

City guides tel.: +49 15 154 46 06 81


The “WelcomeCard” for our visitors

The “Berlin WelcomeCard” is the official tourist ticket for the capital and boasts a number of advantages. It also provides you with unlimited access to all public transport services across the city. Get up to 50% off many sightseeing highlights and attractions. A city guidebook with a city map is included. Alternatively, you can go for the “all inclusive” option which gives you free entry to many of Berlin’s highlights.

A range of validity periods is available. For example, a 48-hour WelcomeCard is available from €24 or a 72-hour WelcomeCard from €34. You can also purchase 4-, 5- and 6-day tickets. You have to choose whether you would like to solely visit Berlin city centre or whether you would prefer to also take a trip to the surrounding area and Potsdam.

The WelcomeCard is family friendly: With each WelcomeCard, up to 3 children aged 6 to 14 years can travel for free on buses and trains. Children under 6 years are included in the ticket.

You can purchase a WelcomeCard before your trip as an online ticket or as a mail order ticket in the “visitBerlin” online shop. Tickets are also available from transport company points of sale as well as from city train and metro ticket machines. If you purchase your WelcomeCard from a ticket machine, you can get your guide by presenting your ticket at a “Berlin Tourist Info” centre, which can be found at locations including Berlin Central Station, the Humboldt Forum and the Brandenburg Gate. In addition, many travel agencies, hotels and tour operators offer the WelcomeCard as part of their service.

Further information at


Free internet access

Whether you want to learn more about the city’s buildings while doing some sightseeing, grab a ticket for an evening at the theatre or book a table — you can do all this using the BLVD Ku’damm WiFi free of charge.

Locals and visitors to the city can now get online using the free public WiFi in the City West area covering approximately 1.2km of the Ku’damm and Tauentzien and also around Breitscheidplatz. This service is provided by business improvement association “BID Ku’damm Tauentzien”.

Simply connect to “BID Wireless” on your device. As well as giving you access to free WiFi, the landing page provides you with a wide range of information including places that open on Sundays, cultural events and special marketing campaigns.

Technical support: The Cloud Network Germany GmbH | +49 800 222 555 2